Ballina Medical Centre – Excellence in Community Medicine

Wellman Health

Services Include

  • General physical exam (BMI check, height weight, girth etc.)
  • Family and medical history
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Cholesterol blood test
  • Urine analysis


  • Full blood profile
  • Prostate and testicular cancer screening
  • Cardiovascular system examination
  • Respiratory system examination


  • Musculoskeletal system examination
  • Neurological system examination
  • Skin examination (moles, freckles etc.)
  • ECG

The Medical Team are available for consultation by appointment

Please call 096 80600 to make a surgery appointment.

Our administration team are available  from 9am- 12.00pm and 2pm to 5pm.

When booking an appointment, please let us know if you need a non-standard appointment, as these often require extra time.

Health screening is based on the principal that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Health screening can help identify early signs of a disease and provide you with an evaluation of your overall current state of health.

Why should I attend for a Well Man Health Check?

The majority of diseases and illnesses can be successfully treated if discovered early. Early warning is vital to the treatment of many conditions. For example, prostate cancer; this is the most common male cancer in Ireland. The good news is that if prostate cancer is detected early, it is potentially curable.