You may be eligible for a Doctors visit card?

Visit Card ie FREE Gp visits .
The government has expanded the number of people and families who can access a Doctor Visit Card based on income.
If you did not qualify before you may very well qualify now .

It is always worth applying – and see if you qualify – you could very well be surprised as many daily expenses can be put against your gross income- see link below .

The goal is to make Free Gp Care accessible to everyone below the median income level.
In general Medical Card and Doctor Visit cards can be applied for on line or you can download a form and fill it out for posting to HSE.

Please see this link for information -> Expansion of  Doctor Visit Card
Link to Apply for a Medical Card -> online application and forms it-cards/gp-vi sit-ca rd-8-to-69/ 


Under 8s GP visit card
All children under 8 years of age living in Ireland can get a GP visit card.
The under 8s GP visit card covers:

• free GP visits
• assessments at age 2 and 5
• out-of-hours urgent GP care
• care for children with asthma


Medication costs and hospital charges are not covered.

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